Happiness and Being Rich Beyond Money – By Priest Willis, Sr.

by Jenae Reid on December 26, 2017


“Does having money and being rich produce genuine happiness?” is a question asked both by the rich and by those who lack riches. So is it possible to have a great deal of money and still be “poor”?

A faulty mindset about money is a major reason we experience unhappiness, regardless of the balance in their bank accounts.

For example, feeding into unfavourable views of money and what it means to be rich — “the love of money is the root of all evil,” “the rich are greedy,” or “the rich steal from the poor” — cripples our power and potential to achieve any real riches.

“If your inspiration for getting money or success originates from a non-supportive root such as worry, anger or the requirement to prove yourself, your money will never bring you happiness.”

– T Harv Eker

If you correlate your bank balance with your value in life, you will always be poor. Money is not the problem. Your mindset is the problem.

To fully understand the relationship between being rich and being happy, you first must know that wealth is not solely about receiving, but also about giving.

Money is neither good nor bad. It’s a tool. You have the same tool — money — but how you use it produces different outcomes. Which outcome would make you genuinely happy?

It’s possible to lack money and live happy. It’s also plausible to be extremely rich yet unhappy. Some folks we celebrate and seem Instagram rich and famous would give anything to have your life.

“What’s money without happiness?” – J. Cole

I’ve interviewed many people on my show and they share common attributes that has lead to their ultimate wealth, success and happiness.

  • A good view of self: While a lack of wealth has been motivation for many, if you seek wealth to prove your worth to others or yourself, you won’t achieve happiness. Your worth is not based on the value of your bank account. It originates from within. The failure to understand this has created a great deal of “poor millionaires.”
  • A positive attitude: Two investors each buy $1,000 worth of stocks. The market takes a nose dive. The first investor views what’s happening as a disaster and reacts in fear. The other investor sees a chance to purchase lower-priced equities with the falling market. It’s also an opportunity dispose of the shares and purchase derivatives that will secure profits from the rise and fall in share costs. The optimal outcome is that the second investor walks away at some point with more. We’ve all faced loss. The question is how are you “facing” it.

If you believe in your value, hustle, and desire to improve the lives of others, maintain a positive attitude despite challenges, you are on the road toward a life of riches in both money and happiness. I challenge myself with my true richness every day.



Priest Willis, Sr. is Senior Global Affiliate Marketing Manager @ Lenovo and online entrepreneur.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-41

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