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by Jenae Reid on December 14, 2017


When it comes to return on investment, it’s hard to beat email marketing. Marketers turn to email to build profitable, direct relationships. Teaming up with affiliates is a great way to extend your reach and scale email revenue.

Unfortunately, without proper precautions in place, email partnerships might just weigh your program down. A deadweight partner can sink your return on investment, your compliance with email regulations, and even your brand reputation.

For email partnerships to work, each partner has to carry their weight. That means maintaining email compliance and following email best practices at every step of the campaign. To reap the full benefits, keep these four things in mind.

  1. Honor opt-outs.

If you know anything about email compliance laws, you already know that honoring opt-outs is always a must. Not only is it against the law to send emails to people who have asked you to stop, it can damage the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. When teaming up with other brands on an email campaign, you might encounter addresses that have already opted out of your communication. That means staying on top of opt-outs requires a bit of extra attention.

  1. Make use of suppression lists.

Suppression files keep track of the people who don’t want your email. By scrubbing your mailing list against these suppression lists, you ensure that you maintain compliance and protect your brand. You can also use suppression lists strategically to target specific segments of your list or prevent your less engaged subscribers from receiving too much email. That way, you can send more email while still keeping your subscribers happy.

  1. Secure your data.

Still, when you’re passing email lists and suppression files between partners, you must share that data securely. Letting your list of unmailable addresses fall into the wrong hands would be an invasion of the trust your subscribers extend by signing up for your email list. By taking steps to keep your data safe, such as hashing your suppression files, you make sure an ill-intentioned emailer doesn’t take advantage of your data.

  1. Keep an eye on your partners.

You’ve picked the ideal email partners, but you don’t want them going rogue and blasting your lists or not keeping up with opt-outs. The best way to make sure your partners don’t sink your email ROI is to watch them. Use your suppression list management solution to monitor how often they send email, when they download your suppression lists, and prevent them from abusing your email list. When you look out for your partners, you look out for your audience (and your brand reputation) too.

By practicing safety in your email partnerships, you can securely scale your revenue and ensure the success of your campaigns.



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This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018.

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