B2B Lead Funnels with LinkedIn and Google – By Yoel T. Israel

by Jenae Reid on December 12, 2017


If you or your affiliate partners are operating in the B2B (business-to-business) sphere, you are familiar with the challenges of receiving MQLs (market qualified leads). I have succeeded in this over many years for many clients.

Here’s a model that I’ve developed for easy paid lead acquisition, which I’ve found to be highly effective and cost-efficient. Let’s get started. You’ll need:

  1. LinkedIn Ads associated with your business.
  2. A landing page hosted on your domain to collect leads.
  3. Google AdWords account and banner ads.

LinkedIn Ads B2B Targeting

LinkedIn has powerful B2B targeting. First, before you read any further, think about an individual you would want to reach. Now that you have this person in mind, you can easily and accurately target them with LinkedIn. Here is how you do it: determine the industry, company size, company name, seniority, job title, and age of your target.

Go ahead and create a LinkedIn Ads campaign with the exact targeting of this individual and others like them. For example: I target CMOs (chief marketing officers), in the tech industry, at companies with 50-1,000 employees, located in the United States. This target audience also needs 10 years’ experience and must be at least 40 years old.

We will only show ads to this target audience with ad copy such as “are you a CMO at a large American tech company?” – this will get them interested to read and click the ad – entering them into our funnel.

Landing Page

Send your highly targeted LinkedIn Ads campaigns to a landing page on your domain, offering a free eBook or a white paper to download.

If they download it, then you earned the lead, great. But what about the overwhelming majority that bounce off your page? Are they just a lost opportunity? We already paid for the expensive click and targeting with LinkedIn, and now they are gone. Opportunity lost, right? Wrong, that is where our friend Google comes in.

Google AdWords Banners

Google AdWords banner ads are inexpensive and average $0.58 per click. This is where the synergy kicks in. First, install the line of AdWords remarketing code on your landing page. Then create an AdWords remarketing campaign along with banner ads. The audience targeted should only be those who visited the landing page used for LinkedIn Ads.

Since we targeted properly on LinkedIn, they saw the ad to be relevant and clicked on it but decided not to leave their personal information, we know that they are highly relevant. Therefore, the banners should promote something even lower funnel – such as joining a webinar or scheduling a free demo.

Remember that Google Banner Ads will follow our previous visitors throughout the Internet and encouraging them to come back. We therefore, never stop targeting and marketing to our target demographic, and we only pay when they interact with your ad.

Now just sit back and watch the leads from LinkedIn and Google come-in straight to you or your clients’ sales team.


Yoel T. Israel is the founder of WadiDigital.com, a digital agency serving B2B startups.

This article appeared in issue 41 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in January 2018. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-41


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