Why “Offline” Matters in an Online World – By Christin Kaemke

by Jenae Reid on October 31, 2017

Technology made our lives comfortable, right? Instead of fax mailings, we send highly optimized and automated emails that specifically target customers’ desires. We spend workdays behind the computer, with a phone right next to us, and have the whole World Wide Web at our command. So, how can “offline” still matter? FeedFront issue 40 cover

For our understanding, we’ve seen that offline exhibitions obviously are a fundamental part when it comes to “real life” experiences, but especially preparties can become crucial for bonding more deeply with your partners.

On trade shows? Daily business is calling, conversations can end abruptly, or you miss each other in the hustle and bustle while going from A to B – because you might have forgotten to schedule a meeting beforehand.

In my experience, and considering the feedback of co-workers, we agree that a pre-event party can be the missing link here. Six hours of networking in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere will eventually be more productive than a rushed meeting in-between meetings. Following, you can find my three reasons why anyone should consider giving the idea a try.

Atmosphere. The mood on pre-event parties can relieve your guests, to a certain degree, regarding the incoming stress of the daily trade show routine ahead. A laid-back atmosphere may give your clients a chance to network more comfortably. Wouldn’t you consider this pleasant?

Appreciation. We’ve seen existing business customers and partners show appreciation on social media when organizing pre-event parties to spend time with them. Especially if the invitations are limited and they literally become your V.I.P.. First-timers might find themselves impressed with your offer, per se, and surely even more so if you deliver a party grand in size. Walking the extra mile can be one of the best ways to make for extra recognition or to earn appreciation early.

Aftereffect. It shouldn’t be all talk, right? We require some things to improve our return on investment. We have aimed to make business cards mandatory at the entrance for example. This procedure gives you an overview of attendance, while the visitor count offers a sense of your event’s relevance, and eventually it adds some new leads in case somebody brings a “plus one”. Your preparty can aid in the company’s public communication as well. How about a ticket giveaway or video impressions shared in social media afterwards, adding to your image and allowing for immediate feedback?

Even while most of us are focused on an online business in our day-to-day routine, and trade shows might seem like the last “real life” event of interest, we think that “offline” will always matter on at least one special occasion – the pre-event party.


Christin is the chief editor of TrafficPartner.com’s “Webmasterchannel” and writes regularly for AWMpro magazine.

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-40


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