Why Develop a Partnership with Your AM? – By Ken Weiss

by Jenae Reid on October 30, 2017

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing can be a lonely business, especially if you’re just getting started. You can spend hours alone in your home office, working at the kitchen table, or other place knocking out product reviews and articles for your blog. FeedFront issue 40 cover

Many new affiliates, and even those trying for a long time to finally make their first dollar online, forget to reach out to their most important resource. An affiliate manager is not just there to attract and approve accounts. They are there to help you become successful.

Don’t Let It Be Nameless

You sign up with affiliate networks, and often receive nameless e-mails congratulating you that you’ve been approved.  Now what?  What are the best offers to promote?

I’ve learned over my nearly seven years in affiliate marketing that one of the ways to help kick start your new career, or help you get ahead, is to develop a partnership with your affiliate managers.

Go to Affiliate Summit

Your affiliate manager often comes to Affiliate Summit, and this is a great way to meet them in person to go over what is and isn’t working, find new AMs, and partner with other affiliates.

Reach Out Often

Reach out to your affiliate manager often.  They usually have been where you are, and can suggest the best performing programs and products for your blog or demographic. They are your partner to help you become successful, since their success is tied to yours.

Benefits of Developing Relationships

I reach out to my affiliate managers on a regular basis to find out what new and exclusive offers they have, sometimes to see if they can bump up my commission on a product if I am selling a lot, or another network has the same product at a higher commission rate.

We may also just spend five or ten minutes having a conversation over Skype finding out how the weekend was. This turns your faceless AM into a real person, and a person who has your best interest at heart.

Not too long ago, I was taking my daughter to San Diego for summer camp and called one of my affiliate managers a few weeks in advance to let them know I would be in the area. We met face-to-face for coffee and talked about business, how things were going, and what I needed from her to increase traffic and sales.

I also met the team that supports her, which put a face to support emails I often get from them, and most importantly we built a partnership that benefits both of us.


Affiliate marketing may at times seem like a lonely business of nameless people coming to your blog or approving your accounts, but, it is really a partnership between you and your affiliate managers.

And to be successful in this business you need to develop a partnership with your affiliate managers.



Ken Weiss is affiliate marketer who blogs about men’s health, cooking and affiliate marketing.

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-40


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