Social Media Posts – Career Killer? – By Mike Carney

by Jenae Reid on October 20, 2017


We live in a fascinating, but incredibly challenging time. At no other time in history has everyone been so “on”. With Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc., it seems that people are constantly posting updates, commenting on photos and videos, liking, sharing with feedback, etc.FeedFront issue 40 cover

Here’s a test: When you wake up, how long is it before you check any of your social media accounts? How many times do you post, like, or share per day? I’m thinking you check within 30 minutes of waking up, and post, like, or share content multiple times a day. Was I correct?

If you are posting early and often, then you’re not alone. Did you know that there are 55 million status updates made every day on Facebook, or that there are over 40 million small businesses with active pages on Facebook?

It’s undeniable that people are incredibly active on social media. While the technology side of that, and the marketing opportunities, fascinates me I’m a little fearful for the “social” part of it, and how social media can harm someone’s real life with regards to their career or business.

With more impulse focused posting going on, people are increasing the odds of forgetting to filter themselves when posting. Over the past 12 months, how many times have you seen hateful posts about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Did you realize that posting negative views about either one is a recipe for current or future failed relationships?

What about posting negative views on religion or cultures that are different than your own? There’s an old saying back in Scotland: when in a pub, you never discuss religion, politics, or football.

Why not? Well you’re likely to get a Glasgow kiss (head butt) if someone disagrees with your views. While that would sting, it wouldn’t sting as much as being passed up for a job, or having a business fail, due to you putting insulting or unfavorable opinions on one of your many social media profiles.

For every impulse driven social media post you make, you are potentially alienating people – and diminishing future earning opportunities. According to, 70 per cent of employers use social media to screen job candidates. SEVENTY PERCENT! Getting your dream job is hard enough, don’t make it harder.

If you’re a business owner, the same logic applies. Do you remember Amy’s Baking Company and the Facebook meltdown they had after appearing on Hell’s Kitchen? If your customers have a problem with your food, I highly recommend not replying with “I am not stupid all of you are. You just do not know good food.” Well, they are now out of business.

Being “you” on social media is good, but being the best person you can is better. As much as you want to react to something on social media, pause and consider your response. Your response will be well documented, read, and reacted to.



Mike Carney is the Founder and President of PerformanceMarketingJOBS and an AFFY Award Winner.

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017.



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