High Volume Email Marketing Today – By Ellie Johnston

by Jenae Reid on October 12, 2017

Email remains king. Affiliate marketers still achieve the best quality leads, for the least money, with email. And mailers of all shapes and sizes still get pursued by affiliate networks like they’re Megan Fox, Gigi Hadid, and Jessica Rabbit all rolled up into one (or The Rock, Ryan Gosling, and Don Draper… whatever fires your pixel).FeedFront issue 40 cover

But the game of mailing has changed in the past ten years. Significantly.

If you mail to less than quarter million records a day, life is good. Numerous ESPs (Email Service Providers) offer stylish templates and reasonable pricing. Your ESP loves you and your modest volume. Good client. Goooood client.


If you’re one of the precocious ones; a hardcore data collector or a serious volume sender, roadblocks abound. It can feel like the ESPs and the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are out to get you, as all the service providers have HAD. IT. They are fed-up with bot-nets and phishing schemes. As a result, responsible you, with your double opt-in, scrubbed lists get lumped into the same basket of deplorables (too soon?).

Guidelines for success in the increasingly complex email landscape:

  1. Know Your List

You must connect (ideally emotionally) with your recipients to be successful. And you can. It’s never been easier to segment and send personalized messaging. Most standard ESPs offer oodles of ways to slice and dice your lists.  Use these tools.

High volume senders need to focus on segmentation. Segment by ISP (Gmail, Apple, AOL, etc.), and then via preferences and engagement levels.

  1. Keep It Clean

A clean list is a lean list. It’s filled with only live humans who have a genuine interest in your offerings. Today’s ESPs and ISPs carefully monitor opens and clicks. You need to show active user engagement to keep your reputation intact.

Now domains are turning into credit scores.  Domain reputation trumps IP reputation.

High-volume mailing is different. You must have a clean list, but high quality IPs are still the life-blood of mass mailing.

  1. Do the Math

Most affiliate mailers do great with one or multiple ESPs. Just set it and forget it. But if you are mailing north of half a million daily, start researching mailing platforms. They require more technical knowledge, but the savings are substantial.

A decade ago, all you needed was a fairly clean list, a decent C block, and a powerful MTA. Today you need top notch IPs, a squeaky-clean list, and email software that can send not just powerfully, but also with enough sophistication to navigate ISP filtering in terms of rate limits, IP reputation, domain reputation etc.

Email makes social media and banner ads look like Danny Devito in a down pour. It has gotten more complex and dynamic, yet email remains lucrative. So, go for the gold. Send personalized, segmented email from a well aged domain today.


Ellie Johnston works at VoloMP, the preeminent high-volume software provider for over 17 years.

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-40



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