Get Noticed Using Beacon Technology – By Anthony Kane

by Jenae Reid on October 10, 2017

The retail marketplace is more crowded than ever. Not only do businesses need to stand out online with a winning digital marketing strategy, they now need to find ways to ensure their brick-and-mortar locations stay relevant.FeedFront issue 40 cover

Beacon technology allows businesses to marry the digital world and the real world by delivering relevant, contextual content to nearby foot traffic. Beacons are Bluetooth low energy (LE) devices that can broadcast specific messaging to nearby electronic devices, such as a smartphone.

Beacons have been disrupting the way businesses advertise for the last four years, with no end in sight. Here are a few of the advantages of incorporating beacon technology into your marketing strategy.

Customer Engagement

Beacons encourage a new level of interaction between a business and its customers. By pushing out notifications of enticing offers or promotions to your customers, you are inspiring customer engagement. Additionally, as you continue to notify nearby shoppers with helpful and contextual messages, they will begin to look for them more often.

Another great way to engage with your customers is through a customer loyalty program where shoppers are rewarded based on shopping behavior, or for visiting your location.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Beacons provide businesses with the opportunity to connect with their customers like never before. By sending instant, relevant notifications to your customers, you are delivering a more personalized shopping experience. Whether you are sending a greeting message to them as they walk in the door, or delivering special coupons for products in the section of the store they are in, these messages completely change the retail experience.

Real-World Metrics

Having access to Google Analytics provides invaluable data on how users interact with your website. However, have you ever thought about how shoppers interact with your store? Installing beacons at your location can provide insights into how shoppers are behaving throughout your store.

Many beacons come paired with an analytics dashboard that can show you impressions, clicks, and even foot traffic. Having access to this consumer intelligence can help to show the relationship between a beacon enabled promotion and actual sales.

Segmenting out your location with multiple beacons will allow you to see how shoppers interact with different parts of your store, and will help with making future marketing decisions.

There are countless advantages to weaving beacon technology into your marketing program. Beacons can give your business the competitive edge it needs to survive in an already noisy space.

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Anthony is Sr. SEO Strategist at Digital Agency. Twitter: @anthony1seo

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017.


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