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by Jenae Reid on September 28, 2017


Facebook Ads are all the rage these days. Advertisers and affiliates alike are finding it to be a must-have marketing channel. However, few people use the Facebook Ad platform to the fullest potential, and many are not finding the kind of success they expect.FeedFront issue 40 cover

What Top Pitfall is Being Overlooked?

First, let’s assume you’ve done the Advertising 101 basics. Yes, you’ve researched your target market and built a customer persona. Yes, you’ve designed the highly engaging ad creatives. Yes, you’ve identified Facebook targeting elements that represent your market. Yet, you may be missing the bigger picture.

The #1 thing most Facebook advertisers get wrong is missing out on the power of Facebook audiences. Many have a basic understanding that custom audiences are important. But most lack the processes and systems to use them correctly.

You can transform your Facebook advertising with an easy, three step process.

Step 1: Map Your Existing Customer Journey

Have you defined and documented the steps your prospects and customers go through? How many touchpoints and channels are involved? What are the likely thoughts and concerns going through customer’s head at the specific steps in the journey? Are you tracking every step properly with Facebook pixel? Do you have the audiences and custom conversions built for each key step? Do you run retargeting ads for all those steps?

If you answer no to any of these questions, your Facebook advertising is flying blind. Unless you are already running with massive ROI, pause your campaigns and rethink the flow. Document your current state in detail.

Step 2: Analyze and Redesign the Journey Steps

Once you have basic tracking and analytics in place, look at every step of the Customer Journey, and think where your prospects are dropping off and why.

Does the flow of steps make sense for your target audience? Are there redundant steps that may confuse them? Do you have some specific poorly converting pages? Are the specific offers and messages aligned with your audience mindset at each step?

After answering these questions, you should have a good idea of how the new Customer Journey should look, and which pages and offers need to change. Then, be sure to implement necessary technical tracking for each of those new steps.

Step 3: Tailor Marketing Campaigns for Each Step

Now that you have your new roadmap, start driving.

Every step in your Customer Journey is now represented by a custom audience. You’ll know exactly how and why your prospects got to that step, and what goes through their head.

You’ll be able to design just the right message to move them from point a to point b. For example, a marketing message to an acquisition audience could be informational. Then, the audiences built from the people who engaged would be targeted by specific flash sale deals.

Key Takeaway

The best Facebook Ad programs are built around retargeting your prospects at every step. Learn how to do this, or find a solution provider who can help you.



Dmitriy Kruglyak runs TargetChoice LLC, offering processes, software and services for Facebook Ad management. dk@targetchoice.com

This article appeared in issue 40 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in October 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-40



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