Tips for Successful Brand and Influencer Partnerships – By Brian Nickerson

by Jenae Reid on August 24, 2017

Partnering with influencers represents the future of social commerce; yet, getting collaborations right isn’t always easy.

For any brand hoping to increase influencer campaign ROI and better partners with this increasingly important sector of the digital media space, consider these tips based on our experience creating MagicLinks to facilitate thousands of brand-to-influencer partnerships on a daily basis.

Authenticity Is Key – Think of influencers as brands in and of themselves, who have a specific and authentic relationship with their close-knit community of fans. Work with them to have them share your brand and your brand mission in their own voice – that’s what resonates with their followers and drives sales for your brand.

Measure Attribution – As a brand you MUST get this right – it is essential to understand who is actually driving purchase decisions. What tools are you using to understand the full impact influencers have? Are you paying last-click, low-value-added sites rather than the influencer who inspired her fan to buy your product? Get this wrong and you risk neglecting those who are you biggest brand advocates with the highest percentage of first time customers to your brand.

Let Influencers Be Creative – It can be tempting to micro-manage influencers, but brands who embrace their creativity to share their experience with your products often garner the best results. Your partnership buys you creative direction, filming, editing, publishing, and distribution. Creators are fully functioning production studios in this sense. Yes, it is important to provide sponsorship guidelines, but also allow the influencer to engage with your content/product in an organic, unique, and original manner.

Set & Manage Expectations – Set expectations up front in a clear, concise manner with specific dates and targets. For instance, asking for several additional Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts at the last minute is a not good way to get an influencer to love your brand and working with you. Having open communication channels with your influencers is a great way to manage bilateral expectations.

Invest Long-Term – Investing in your long-term relationships with influencers is highly advisable for any brand seeking to gain traction with younger-skewing audiences. Influencers, as a channel, drive new, first time customers from mobile devices, particularly from the highly valuable millennial and Gen Z demographics. Invest in this channel – today’s hottest new brands are embracing influencers and growing exponentially.

As an example of a leading brand embracing influencers, BooHoo, a global fashion leader focused on fast-fashion based in the UK, has made influencers the core of its marketing strategy BooHoo’s stock price is up 5x to more than £2B over the past 18 months, according to the Financial Times, which represent an outstanding achievement in a highly competitive market, and demonstrates the high-value results that can stem from effectively partnering with influencers.



Brian Nickerson is Founder of MagicLinks, the award-winning YouTube Influencer marketplace.

This article appeared in issue 39 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2017.


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