Benefits Of Running An In-house Affiliate Program – By Victoria Galperina

by Jenae Reid on July 21, 2017


One of the main reasons to set up an in-house affiliate program is to grow brand recognition and gain more customers with literally none or very little investment. After all, affiliate marketing is extremely appealing, because you only have to pay for results, be it gaining new clients, paying for sales, or giving out bonuses for specific deeds. 

This might be the first perk that comes to mind when you think about in-house affiliate programs, however, there are many more to consider. Here are a few worth noting:


Recognition represents the fact that you actually know your affiliates and they are more than just a number or a reference code for you. In-house programs start off very small and usually with just one manager, so over the years you get to communicate with hundreds or even thousands of affiliates. Many of these email exchanges grow into strong partnerships and some – into friendships. These types of bonds are extremely difficult to accomplish when you have a ticket system and you’re dealing with millions of affiliates.


Running an in-house affiliate program means that you get to decide everything, from who you want representing your brand to how and when they are going to be compensated for their work. With this type of freedom comes the responsibility of picking the best possible options that are beneficial to both affiliates and the business. Good thing is that you can experiment as much as you want to get the data you need to validate your theories or prove them wrong or simply test what works and what doesn’t.

Ease of communication

With an in-house program you have the flexibility of mixing the automated communication with affiliates with real discussions over emails, phone or whatever means of communication you choose to support. You can also set up automated alerts that would inform you about anything from your partners’ upcoming birthday to sale triggers to even fraud detection. You get to experiment with communication as much as you want and the ability to customize and automate your communication is just one of the perks.


Probably the most exciting part of running an in-house program is the fact that you get to innovate as much and as often as you want. You can implement the latest trends and technologies in-house and can collect the performance data for your new inventions. New widget came out? You can make it available to all your affiliates in weeks or even days. It vastly depends on the internal development resources dedicated to the growth of your program, but other than that – the sky’s the limit.

Overall, an in-house affiliate program gives you complete control of who, how, and where you will promote your brand; what and when they will receive for their work, and gives you complete liberty to change, adjust and innovate as much as you want. So, what are you still waiting for?


Victoria Galperina is the Head of Affiliate Marketing at SEMrush. Find her on LinkedIn.

This article appeared in issue 39 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in July 2017.


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