Power of the Influencer Through Video – By Melissa D. Salas

by Jenae Reid on May 16, 2017


Much like content marketing and social media advertising, video marketing and influencer marketing have become two channels in which brands have invested creatively and strategically. Consumers expect video content to appear with every search they make.FeedFront issue 38 cover

As marketers find more innovative ways to keep existing customers loyal, and grab our target customer’s attention, video and influencer marketing should be a part of the acquisition plan.

There is an observable transition in 2017 from editorial bloggers to video bloggers, thanks to the rise in Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and SnapChat. Video and influencer marketing can help increase interaction with your brand in a positive way. Videos tell a story, and stories are more memorable than text or flashy banners.

Consumers trust reviews from friends and family, and even strangers, when deciding what products to buy more than branded messaging or celebrities. Influencers play a growing and important role in word-of-mouth advertising. Influencer marketing is now the fastest-growing customer-acquisition channel producing high-quality content with built-in distribution at a cost-effective rate.

It is highly measurable and can be targeted to very specific audiences to convert viewers into buyers at any step of the shopping journey. Utilize video and tap into the audiences belonging to these influencers who—through personal touch and authenticity in the content—have trust within their community.

The “vlogger” is usually showcasing the product in everyday life making it more believable. With vlogging, consumers can buy the demonstrated product or service, which creates video e-commerce; where there is commerce, there is affiliate marketing.

Millennials are engaging with brands and elevating the importance of brand transparency. Take an existing marketing campaign and add a video challenge element to it. Imagine all the short-length videos by beauty gurus pushing your product. You can have a video campaign reach millions via the influencer’s social reach.

With each video campaign, you will see increased views, likes, comments, retweets, pins, shares, etc. It’s any marketer’s dream of perfect targeting. Create the space for real conversations to happen. That’s where you will find conversions.

So, who is an influencer? Anyone who is passionate about anything in its simplistic meaning. People trust people. They use the power of free speech to write, say and do what they want in their video. Think of any topic, product or service, and you will find a blog for that.

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective channel for acquisition and branding, even when adding the affiliate model to invest back into the influencer. Understand that there is a small production cost for the influencer to create the content: photographer, videographer, product, hair & makeup, styling, etc.

Who are your brand advocates? Go after your top 5% customers to start. Build a content strategy with those micro influencers and invest in them. They are your greatest asset. Need ideas? Try customer testimonials, product demonstration videos, open box unveiling, DIY videos, beauty or fashion lessons, etc.

Start those strategic conversations surrounding video and influencer marketing with your team. The value is there.


Melissa Salas, Global Partnerships Director for Indi.com with 16 years Affiliate & Video Marketing experience.

This article appeared in issue 38 of FeedFront Magazine, which was published in April 2017. https://issuu.com/affiliatesummit/docs/feedfront-38

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